A growth hacker is now the term used to describe a digital guerrilla marketer. Someone that hacks their way to online growth using low cost or free methods. Everyone has a slightly different description, but that doesn’t matter. It’s the “vibe” that’s important here, where a traditional marketing agency will present products like SEO, PPC and a solid content strategy for their inbound traffic generation, a growth hacker will be posting, asking, and looking for ways to utilise automation and bots to grow the reach of their website. Its not to say they don’t use SEO┬áServices and paid traffic, its just not their only source. A growth hacker job is full-on hustle and testing. A good growth hacker knows multiple traffic sources and is able to code not only websites in PHP and HTML but also write bots for automation, designing landing pages and setting up sales funnels and writing email copy.

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